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Our DoD Experience

Assessment. We live in an era where the safety of our citizens and the future well-being of our Nation are dependent on international stability and the existence of an international system that protects and defend the freedom and the other fundamental human rights in pursuant to missions of commercial and global economic development. These initiatives may not be separated from the national willingness and ability to know how to internalize such a system with authority and credibility, and as a consequence actively participate in its preservation and enhancement.

Our Humble Beginning. 

Our journey began as a systems integrator to assist a Major Defense Contractor with implementation of the Joint Uniform Multi-capable Protection System (JUMPS) which was sponsored by the Software Engineering Center, CECOM at APG. The Information Gateway (InfoGW) was introduced as a new capability that would allow the JUMPS systems Areas of Interest (AOI) to focus on the enhanced data analysis to provide full border area situation awareness and border protection in support of Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW).

As US military forces are deployed in support of other nations deployment of a full US intelligence gathering unit is not feasible. The JUMPS system enhanced by InfoGW allows the host nation to have reliable situation awareness with data that can be shared with US forces in their support in a seamless and efficient manner. The main objective of nation assistance is to assist a host nation with internal programs to promote stability, develop sustainability, and establish institutions responsive to the needs of the people. The primary means of providing nation assistance is through Security Assistance and Foreign Internal Defense.

In the case of an initial deployment of US forces into a host country, the CBI(c)Mobile platform can be deployed along with the Enhanced JUMPS capability to provide better force protections for the early entry forces. Forces that are in country well before a significant US force is their that can provide protection.

Testnet & Commercialization. Oasis Cyber Solutions objective for 2019 is to utilize the upcoming BAA, SBIR and various Programs of Record to establish its Testnet to finalize technology validation and system commercialization for the Intelligence Community.

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